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Krivan, one of our highest but also the most distinctive mountains and symbols of Slovakia. Inspiration, which was a pretext for the creation of various works by many artists. An inspiration that didn't leave us in Biatec cold either. And that's why we decided to release an exceptional limited edition Biatec Majestic Dark Sky - Krivan edition. The top of Krivan is shown on the dial made of aventurine, while the aventurine background is supposed to resemble the night sky dotted with twinkling stars.

Krivan reaches a height of 2,494.7 m above sea level. Since the 19th century, it has been an unofficial symbol of Slovak freedom and Slavic cohesion. The name of the mountain comes from the top part, whose sharp ridge slopes to the northeast.

Between 1960 and 1990, it was depicted with a fire on the coat of arms of Czechoslovakia. It temporarily replaced the traditional Slovak coat of arms with three peaks and a cross, which is today the state symbol of the Slovak Republic. In 2005, it was decided that it will also be shown on Slovak euro coins. The planet (24260) Krivan is also named after Krivan.

Czechoslovak coat of arms from 1960-1990 and Slovak cent

Traces of mining activity in the 15th-18th centuries are still visible on the southern and southwestern slopes of Krivan. century (excavated tunnels). Silver was also supplied to the Kremnica mint from the Terezia tunnel. This highest tunnel of silver was located only 50 meters below the peak, and the miners probably went to the summit itself out of curiosity. 

At the peak in 2019 with Biatec Leviathan 01 model, when we were only planning Biatec – Edition Krivan

The first, documented in writing, is the ascent of evangelical preacher, mining entrepreneur and naturalist Andreas Jonas Czirbesz with his friends, made on August 4, 1773. He came to check the work of miners, and then decided to climb to the top with his companions. He published a report on the ascent in the book: Kurzgefasste Beschreibung des karpatischen Gebirges (1772 – 1773).

The first winter ascent was made by Theodor Wundt and leader Jakub Horvay in 1884.

The first known victim of Krivan in 1898 was the tailor Ján Blaškievič from Spišská Sobota, who illegally led tourists to the mountain.

There are commemorative plaques at the top commemorating this event. There is also a Cyril-Method wooden cross there.

The first so-called the national walk took place on August 16, 1841 with the participation of Ľudovít Štúr and Michal M. Hodža. The largest pilgrimage was organized by Štefan M. Daxner in the memorandum year 1861. Since 1955, traditional ascents to Krivan have been dedicated to the memory of the SNP and its heroes in the Krivan region. As a symbolic hill of the Slavs and the freedom of the Slovaks, Krivan became an important motif of the poetry of the Štúr generation, and it has maintained its position in poetry and songwriting with a newer content until today. 

As impressive as Krivan itself is, we also tried to make our Dark Sky model inspired by Krivan impressive. Its exceptionality is underlined by only 0.4 mm thin aventurine, which is unmistakable due to its composition and sparkles, and therefore every single piece is unique. This is also highlighted by its own unique limited edition number, which is displayed on the bottom of each dial. Under the caseback is a silver coin with the image of the night sky, which was made in one of the oldest factories in the world! In the Mint of Kremnica, which has over 700 years of uninterrupted history! Only 150 pieces of this exceptional limited edition were produced, which is mainly intended for Slovak customers and watch collectors. 

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