Biatec Magnifique

Limited edition of 50 pcs

In search of perfection...

At Biatec, we don’t create watches, we create dreams. The design of our watches is elegant and stylish, yet simple, while being inspired by our national heritage, as well as the great symbols of our country or the world’s technological achievements of the past. Our motto speaks for everything else:

“In search of perfection…”

The ruthless fighting in Ukraine has been going on for more than a month. A country that lived its own satisfied life until February 24, 2022. However from now on, we will remember this date forever. On this day, 200,000 Russian soldiers invaded Ukraine and attacked the inhabitants of our eastern neighbor without any provocation. Until that date, the Ukrainian people had lived an ordinary life. People went to work, building and directing their future to better tomorrows. The children went to school and kindergarten, and all they wanted was perhaps a little ordinary happiness. Well, now it's all different. Parents with children crouch in anti-missile bunkers, cellars or in the subway. Many times without food and water. The suffering we cannot properly imagine from the comfort of our homes.

Biatec travel cases. Both our watches and the cases are characterized by the quality of workmanship, which is evident not only with the quality of the materials used but also little details like contrasting stitching which completes the overall elegant impression of the case.

Biatec Watches offers to all corporate and private customers the opportunity to create a watch according to their own ideas and needs. We will be more than happy to design and produce an ideal gift for your wedding, graduation, or as a thank you to your long-term employees or business partners.

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Warranty & Services

With our warranty program, our customers will have two peaceful years to enjoy their Biatec watch!

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Watch Care & Servicing

At Biatec we’re committed to providing a personal quality service and we pride ourselves on the close relationships we have with our customers. We’re always happy to assist you and we provide you with a friendly and reliable service by allowing you to communicate directly with the manufacturers of the brand.

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Please make sure you read our terms and conditions of sale before purchase! These terms and conditions can be altered at any time, so you should read them before every order.

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