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Biatec Majestic Tourbillon koncept

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Biatec Majestic 01 Automatic Wristwatch


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Biatec Corsair CS 05 Automatic Wristwatch

flying machine of the past

The Vought F4U Corsair

Inspired by the legendary

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The Corsair Collection

For our Corsair Collection, we were inspired by the great flying machine of the past – Vought F4U Corsair.

The Majestic Collection

For our Majestic Collection, we were inspired by the old coins called “Biatec” or “Biatex” which were minted on our territory.

Watches Made in Slovakia


Watches Design

We have a strong attention to details and we make 100% of all our sketches and designs in-house here in Slovakia.


Made In Slovakia

One of the best watchmakers in Slovakia will take care of the assembly of your Biatec watch.


Luxury Watch

All watches and movements are tested for accuracy, water-resistance and durability at our own service center.

Biatec offers one of the best cost-peformance ratios in its class! We use solely Swiss Made mechanical movements from ETERNA and other materials of the highest quality at unbeatable prices. Our range consists of classical watch models for men to professional pilot watches. Discover our prestigious watch collections “Made in Slovakia”.

Peter Kožár
Peter Kozar Founder of Biatec Watches
Made In Slovakia
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Biatec Watches is another watch mark originating from a nation with no particular watchmaking society or history – Slovakia. Peculiar, would it say it isn’t? Be that as it may, we depend on the progressive Eterna development, and our objective is to create just a couple of hundred pieces for every year, not great many them.


We might want to offer exceptional watches in littler amounts, yet with an attention on an agreeable and individual client benefit and in the meantime with brilliant cost/execution proportion. Along these lines, on the off chance that you don’t wish to have indistinguishable watch on your wrist from your neighbor, or on the off chance that you would prefer not to put cash just into brand names yet rather into something of uniqueness, you should investigate our watch gathering.


Luxury Watch

Genuine pilot watches must have a major crown for simple time setting. This specific crown is a screwed-down crown since we needed to guarantee no less than 10 ATM of water opposition, so the watch is likewise handy. What’s more, as the watch is water safe, Biatec concentrated on the Luxury Watch tie too, or, in other words water-safe and safe against scratches when contrasted with regular watch lashes.


Made In Slovakia

Investigate our interesting watch mark Made in Slovakia. All watches are composed, amassed and tried here in the core of Europe. Utilized just top of the line Swiss Made developments and best quality materials from the best providers in the watch business to peruse our accumulation of handmade watches which truly trust you will discover astonishing.