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 You are relatively well-known Slovak designer. How long does it take until somebody builds his name as a designer? Since when have you been engaged in design?
I have been interested in design since I was at University. But I have built a name, as you call it, only in the last ten years, when I have focused on cooperation with the leaders in various areas of production within Slovakia. I am really happy that people know me through my product designs they have at home and like…

What does design mean to you? People might think it’s just something you draw on a paper…
Design is not only a lifestyle, but it’s also how we see the business and world itself. What does design mean to me? I will answer with a quote “Yes, design can make you happy…”

What are the attributes of a good design?
Difficult question but with a clear answer. Less is more, and that is true also in a field of design. And a certain timelessness, but this could only be seen later

Are Slovak people able to appreciate quality design? And I don’t mean only an acknowledgment and verbal recognition…
Slovaks have always been able to appreciate good design, thanks to their innate aesthetic feeling and reverence for traditional crafts. Nowadays they are able to appreciate design that is Made in Slovakia and that’s a great progress. I believe, it will be only better and better.

I know you cooperate with various manufacturers, so your designs very often fuse into reality. Do you have a favourite product which is your own design?
Very recently my favourite product has become an all-wood chair called PAFF. When you look at it, it makes you smile and its mostly a girl thing. It’s a result of a manufacturing optimisation and of a redesign of a classic chair, manufactured in a company PASPOL, which is a continuator of chair manufacturer TATRANÁBYTOK Pravenec. I am glad I could take my part in keeping the tradition of bent-wood furniture production in Slovakia.

I heard there is a magical number in a nature. A number that intervenes with almost everything. A number that influences human body, plants, various natural phenomena as well as how we see “beauty”. Could you tell us more? Do you use such number when you work on your designs?
Numbers are a bit difficult theme for me. I see numbers mostly from aesthetic-geometrical point of view and as a proportional principle. Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio are taught at every art school as a beautiful example to show that nature itself is the best designer…

Do you like to wear a watch? What brand?
I like watches as I think it’s one of a few outstanding male accessories – male jewellery. I wear mostly a cult brand MONDAINE, and I believe that very soon I will proudly wear another cult brand which was born in Slovakia…

Thank you for the interview!
Thank you very much and I wish you a nice day.