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At Biatec Watches, we are flexible in terms of different individualization and personalization of the watch. That is why we are happy to adapt our watches to your individual ideas and needs. 

There are several ways you can personalize your Biatec watch. The easiest way is to engrave text anywhere on the watch case. This is most often done by customers on the caseback. Below you will find an example of the text "KUBA" surrounding our logo.

In the next picture you can see how we did the engraving on the side of the case of our diving model Leviathan. The customer took three watches, with each piece having the number of the piece slightly enlarged. In this case, it is the second watch of three.

Another personalization option is through the coin, which is installed in the case back of the Corsair, Majestic or Marine models.

We basically supply all these watches with a standard coin. The Marine models have a coin with a marine anchor, the Majestic models have a modernized version of the original "Biatec" coin with a rider's motif, and the Corsair CS models have a coin with the Vought F4U Corsair fighter.

The original Celtic coin Biatec is bellow. The word "Biatec" (or "Biatex") probably comes from the name of the monarch / king, which began to appear on old Celtic coins minted in the territory of today's Bratislava in the first century BC. It is also the name used to describe the coins themselves.

However, if our customer wishes, we can have one of the following coins engraved with their own engraving and insert them under the caseback of any model (except of the Leviathan diving model) for an additional fee.

All coins shown above are made of pure 24 carat gold and therefore it is necessary to count on a surcharge of approximately 300 EURO to the price of the watch. The price includes any engraving.

If you are interested in an even more unique watch, we can make any coin with any motif, but whether it is white, yellow or rose gold, it is necessary to count with higher price, because it is necessary to produce a special stamp that can be used only once. And it is also necessary to keep in mind that such production must be planned with the Kremnica Mint, so that the production time is usually several months.

And on the highest level of individualization, it is possible to create a complete new watch according to the customer's own design. Of course, we can make a design for you according to your requirements. However, we would recommend this option mainly to larger companies that can order at least 50 or more pieces, because the input costs associated with their own production are relatively high and so it is necessary to budget and split these costs for a larger number of pieces. 

Below you can see the design of the tactical watch with our design:

We will do everything to find the best ratio way for the client, but in case of interest, we are not afraid to create a real "Haute Horology" watches made to order:

We are perfectionists and we know very well that such custom production is a long run. Therefore, we recommend that our clients to contact us at least few months before expected delivery of the watches.