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What does the water resistance of a watch mean in practice?

Many people think that if they have a waterproof watch "up to 50 meters", they can really dive to a depth of 50 meters underwater. THAT IS NOT TRUE!

The water resistance of the watch is measured in laboratory conditions, which are measured similarly to a diver with a watch sitting at a specific depth without any sign of movement. But we are moving. For example, when jumping into water with a watch, there will be a huge change in pressure for a moment (long enough for water to enter the watch), which can be many times higher than the value measured in calm laboratory results.

Water temperature is also important. Most diving activities usually take place in relatively cold waters or waters that do not exceed body temperature. However, if you take a bath in hot water, it could damage the seal of the watch and thus water will enter the watch. This is doubly true when there is a sudden change in temperature, for example if you go from a sauna or hot bath to a cold pool. Under normal circumstances, the temperature changes gradually and slowly during diving.

Various environments for waterproof watches.

The age of the watch is also an important factor, as the seal of the watch weakens over time. The plumbing watch that you actually use in the water should pass a waterproof test every year and a seal replacement with a new one every 3 years.

We are using sealing resistible against chemicals.

Also, a regular shower can "hurt" your watch. Apart from sudden changes in water temperature and the surrounding environment, many people do not realize that various soaps, shower gels or shampoos can also act aggressively on the surface of the watch (special leather straps or watches with special gilding and the like, are not very suitable for water) and thus damage the watch. After such a bath or bathing in salty sea water, the watch must always be rinsed with clean water and dried to wash away salt or other chemicals.
If you have a stopwatch on your watch, never use its buttons underwater! Only a few watches have a seal that can prevent water from entering when the button is pressed under water. Of course, this also applies to the crown, which does not need to be played underwater.

The following table nicely shows which waterproofness is suitable for which activities!

All our models have a water resistance of 100m, with the exception of the Leviathan diving models. Leviathan models are waterproof up to 300m.

Biatec Leviathan 01 

Biatec Corsair 04 (original model with screwed crown) this photo was took during test, don´t try dive with this model.