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Three to eight hours a day, day after day, week after week - months and years of patience, constant practice, and relentless pursuit of excellence in piano playing. MASTERY TAKES TIME. Norbert Daniš understands this well. For years, he has devoted his energy and determination to the piano, becoming a true master of his craft.

At Biatec Watches, we are thrilled and proud to introduce Norbert as our new ambassador. Not only is Norbert a virtuoso pianist, but he is also an artist who tells stories through his music. His exceptional talent shines through every note, with each of his compositions carrying an emotional message that inspires and moves every listener.

One such composition is his magnificent original piece titled *Blessed*, which, in the accompanying video, transports listeners to a world of harmony and tranquility. This piece embodies Norbert's distinctive style and his ability to draw listeners deep into the musical experience.

Video: Blessed from Norbert Daniš

To highlight the connection between our brand's story and Norbert's artistry, we proudly present his choice: the elegant Biatec Majestic 02 F model. This timepiece perfectly complements and enhances Norbert's artistic flair, reflecting the sophisticated design and precision we infuse into our watches.

Majestic, elegant, and precise - this is how we define our watches, and it's also how we describe our new ambassador. His passion for music, attention to detail, and relentless pursuit of mastery resonate with the values we uphold at Biatec.

Therefore we are incredibly proud to support Norbert on his artistic journey and are excited about the promising partnership ahead.

piano: Norbert Danis, video, editing: Jaroslav Rybar

web: https://norbertdanis.sk/