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Warranty & Services

With our warranty program, our customers will have two peaceful years to enjoy their Biatec watch!

Biatec Watches which do not keep proper time or show other malfunctions will be serviced under our warranty program. If you believe that your watch isn’t working properly, please contact us and tell us about your problem and we will be glad to assist you.

Our warranty does not cover “external damage” of the watches and other products, caused by fall, wearing or misuse or physical damage. This refers to watch case, crystal/glass, strap, bezel, screws, crown/stem, finishes and clasps/buckles. Damages that occur due to having the watch serviced by a third party will null and void the warranty from Biatec Watches.

This limited warranty does not cover damages due to excessive wear of the watch or if the watch has been used under conditions which exceed Biatec’s water resistance guidelines. Consequent and incidental damages are not recoverable under this warranty.

Providing customer service


We will reply to all your emails and requests within 24 hours.


If you have any problems with your watch under warranty and need to send it back to Biatec for service, we will gladly refund you shipping costs up to 50 Euro.


Whatever problem you may have while your watch is under warranty, our qualified watchmaker, one of the best in Slovakia, will fix it to your complete satisfaction.