People have been discovering new territories since ancient times, mainly on sea, since 2/3 of the planet is made up of seas and oceans. The ocean can be wild, cold and dark at night... This made sailors imagine some kind of underwater monster, and therefore many myths and legends were born. In each culture, a different name arose for these sea monsters, such as Kraken, Hydra, Charybdis, but especially Leviathan. Leviathan is supposed to be an exile from Hell, and his name later became synonymous with all the giant sea monsters. Leviathan is a huge, dangerous and terrifying monster from the deep. After more than 2 years of development, we also offer this beast that can handle even the most demanding underwater conditions - Biatec Leviathan. NanTec Technology - exceptional scratch resistance. Using NanTec's proprietary surface treatment and high-quality stainless steel, Biatec Leviathan models are significantly more scratch-resistant than conventional watches made from 316L steel, which provides Vickers hardness test resistance of VH 200 - VH 300. NanTec boasts an incredible Vickers hardness of up to up to VH 600. Our NanTec technology will guarantee your Biatec Leviathan case and bracelet increased resistance to scratches and thus the long-lasting appearance of a new watch.