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The word “Biatec” (or “Biatex”) originates probably from the name of a king who started to appear on the old Celtic coins minted in the area of today’s Bratislava (our capital) during the 1st century B.C.


The name is also used to refer to the coin itself.


We wanted to make a strong connection between our brand name and our heritage and this is where our brand name comes from.

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Naturally, we are proud to be Slovaks and so our logo reminds us of our national emblem, which is the symbol of our country, culture and tradition.

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At Biatec we would like to design elegant and stylish, yet simple watches, Wrist watches, inspired by our heritage, as well as by great symbols of our country or worldwide technological achievements of the past. Our main motto is: “Inspired by the past, driven by the future…”.


The Biatec Wrist Watches – Masterpieces 


Biatec is situated in Zvolen, Slovakia, or, in other words hours north of the nation’s capital, Bratislava. In the event that you’ve known about Banska Bystrica, you’re basically there.


The originator, Peter Kozar, made the brand inside the most recent year in the wake of offering different brands of watches. He connected up with the fellow benefactor and fashioner, Milos Jakubec to make top of the line, yet moderate, mechanical watches, for example, the Biatec Corsair 05.


Milos is a proficient watchmaker and collects Wrist Watches in Slovakia.


Where did the name originate from? Biatec (articulated “Biatex”) is the name of a Celtic ruler appeared on coins stamped in Bratislava back in the principal century B.C., so it’s a name that connections the nation to the watch.

On the off chance that you’ve at any point heard the Slovak dialect, be appreciative that Peter picked a generally simple name to articulate!