About Us

Biatec - registered trademark of Toptime, s.r.o. company

About Us

Dear friends!


My name is Peter Kožár and I’m the founder and CEO of Biatec.


Almost 10 years ago, because of my passion for mechanical timepieces, I decided to enter into the watch business with Biatec’s parent company, Toptime s.r.o. I’ve been selling watches of different brands for years, gaining a lot of experience and knowledge. Based on that knowledge I told to myself, IT IS TIME TO MOVE ON, and from simple “reselling” I have started to build my own brand.


I wanted to create something unique that I could make from a scratch, without any limitations and always keeping in mind that I want to offer my clients the possibility to buy a high-end mechanical watch with an excellent cost-performance ratio. Something that almost everyone could afford without the need to spend thousands of Euro. Nowadays I am co-partnering one of the best watchmakers in Slovakia and we work together to provide you with the best possible quality and craftsmanship for a very affordable price. I hope you will appreciate it.


I am always looking forward to hear from you, your opinion and feedbacks.



Peter Kožár
Biatec Watches Co-founder and Founder

Miloš Jakubec (Designer and Co-Founder)

and Peter Kožár (Founder of Biatec Watches)

Our Heritage

The word “Biatec” (or “Biatex”) originates probably from the name of a king who started to appear on the old Celtic coins minted in the area of today’s Bratislava (our capital) during the 1st century B.C.


The name is also used to refer to the coin itself.


We wanted to make a strong connection between our brand name and our heritage and this is where our brand name comes from.

The Biatec Coin
The Emblem Of Slovakia

Naturally, we are proud to be Slovaks and so our logo reminds of our national emblem, which is the symbol of our country, culture and tradition.

Our Design

At Biatec we would like to design elegant and stylish, yet simple watches, inspired by our heritage, as well as by great symbols of our country or worldwide technological achievements of the past.


Bellow you can find a short testimonial from our great 3D modeler and designer Milos Jakubec.

Ten years ago I started with CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) and I worked for many watch brands as a graphic designer.


During this period, my passion for watches has been growing very fast and after years of gaining experiences in the watch industry the time had come to start something of my own and Biatec Watches has been a great opportunity to make my dreams come true.


I build my designs on our mission and passion and I always keep in mind a strict connection with our heritage and culture

Milos Jacubec
MILOS JAKUBEC, Co-Founder of Biatec Watches.
Biatec Corsair crown sketch
Biatec Majestic buckle sketch